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Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace – Post 2020

The world in which we work is changing, and so are the dynamics of our businesses and our teams. With the possibility of a new normal ahead of us, the topics of Mental Health and Wellbeing are areas that require strict attention to ensure both ourselves and our colleagues are equipped with the tools they need to sustain healthy lives in the work place.

For this episode, we have the lovely Caroline Wilson.

Caroline is the Director of Mindfulness Teachers and as a dedicated Mindfulness practitioner Caroline has delivered bespoke Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programmes to several organisations such as Sage and the Republic of Media.

With 25 years of teaching experience, Caroline is perfectly positioned to help both yourselves and your teams to deal with the stresses of a changing working world.

A brief overview of the topics Caroline will be covering:

• An overview of Mindfulness in business
• How mindfulness can help you achieve your goals
• The benefits of mindfulness in business
• How mindfulness can help with stress and anxiety in the
work place
• How to get your team and colleagues involved with

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