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Tech Talent

The community recruitment platform

What is Tech Talent?

A platform to save you time, money and mitigate risk, all whilst connecting you with the top 10% of Software Engineering Talent in the UK.


Tech Talent

Our Community Partnership platform combines the best people, resources and cutting edge RecTech to deliver talent fast and effectively, whilst producing huge annual savings on cost, reducing stress and cutting down the overall time to hire.

Talent Funnels

Employer awareness! Do you have it? Does the tech community know who you are? From experience, if a potential applicant has heard about your business before you approach them. They’re 6x more likely to apply.

Video Technology

How many hours in a year do you spend on recruitment activity, that leads NOWHERE :@ so frustrating eh? Our video technology saves you weeks over a year of time, and we all know that time = MONEY!

Talent Review

The Talent Portal

Talent Engage

Recruitment Process

Long List / Qualification / Shortlist / Hire or Repeat

Just how deep do your current suppliers go into the market? We have a very simple, yet effective model when delivering you top talent.

Step 1: Identify EVERY professional with the skills to do the job
Step 2: Qualify every professional against the position and keep note of call outcomes
Step 3: Create a short list of qualified applicants, along with video first interviews, CV’s and rights to work

A Community-Driven Approach

Driven by our Tech Journeys community. We have relationships with top Software Engineering talent that other agencies just simply don’t.

Tech Stack

Anchor Podcast • Anchor v2 • Broadbean • Bullhorn • CVLibrary
CWJobs • Linkedin • Meetup • Odro • Sendinblue • Talentsites
Sense-sense • Totaljobs • Zoom

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Tech Talent

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